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the Ones we leave behind
OUT NOV 8, 2020
This is the music of 'The Avenoir Project' , An acoustic duo formed in London 2020 at the cusp of the impedning covid-19 outbreak. The duo is comprised of Ben Violante & Barry Locke who have been working on their debut EP 'The ones we leave behind' which has been written and recorded entirely during lockdown. Concerned with 'memory' and 'time' the EP evokes a state of nostalgia for past Loves and losses. hinging on the reactionary events of life and death. These 'living memories' are documented and unfolded through a range of genres such as 'indi - folk' and 'pop' with an alternative edge.


Times passing is inevitable and before too long its history begins to etch itself into your skin, like the carvings in a tree. We will age, we will grow, and we will eventually die. This is a song about accepting the physical and mental effects of time and its place in the life you have lived. You reach a point of no return and say, ‘Where did I go?’ ‘When I was 31, I was invited to tie in my patience for everyone’



Life and Death, the space between, all the pieces in a line. When we lose the ones we love in death by their own hand we are never whole again. The past becomes living memory. We question them in their absence, we try and reason, we cannot know. We can only hope that they have found peace and that they in turn have made peace with the ones they have left behind. ‘What’s it for, your life, if you don’t want to live it, all the pieces, all the pieces in a line’



‘Take It All Back’ is a song about love and loss. That fierce kind of love that burns until it burns out and once it has gone it has gone forever, but you will never forget it. It is a song about letting go of them despite how much you want to hold on, forever committing them to memory. ‘I’m on my knees, begging please, stay with me, don’t forget me’



Sometimes the ones we love can hurt us and we them. Somewhere along the way, pieces can fall away and never find their space again. Is it better to let it remain open? Stay? Go?

Right? Wrong? Whose heart is the fortunate one? ‘…wondering on what came first, living memory in reverse…’



Do you remember summer in your late teens? 16? 17? Those nights showing up to parties and gatherings, going along with whoever and whatever. Finding the one person, who it

turns out, is just like you, in every way. You click immediately, you talk for hours, all night. You are in love with them and you had not realised it until this point that this is how it was going to feel. This is a song about the beginning. This is the start of the rest of a life yet to be lived. Nothing matters now except that this continues, and you are ready to risk everything on it. ‘You carved your name into my heart, right on the muscle leaves a scar’


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